Responsibilities of Franchisees

As an ECOTHERM franchisee you have to set up either a business unit in your
existing company or you have to found a new company.

For both options it is necessary that you define the team that is “dedicated to
ECOTHERM” according to the following competences. Of coruse it is possible to cover these competences by only a few persons. Crucial is to have someone being active as sales engineer.

Managing Director:
Cares about the development of the organization and the employees (also trainings) as well as finance. He is also responsible for the reporting to the franchisor and for the controlling.

Key Accounter:
Looks after possibilities to get into contact with organizations, consultants, ministries etc., which can support your sales activities. Looks after the best key
accounts as big planning office etc.

Sales Engineer:
You have to employ at least one sales engineer who is certified for all relevant
ECOTHERM products and fully dedicated to ECOTHERM. He focusses
on sales activities, looks for valuable partners and after important exhibitions.
Moreover he generates offers, is responsible to receive the orders from the
customers and handles complaints. The ECOTHERM headquarters and the
ECOTHERM International Support Center Dubai will support him.

Project Manager:
Especially for big projects (but also for small ones) the project management
has to be carried out locally. The ECOTHERM headquarters in Austria can
only support you in this area by sending an engineer from time to time to fix
major problems (therefore use your ECOPOINTS from the Twinning Partner

Responsible for the professional installation of the systems. Supervisor for the
installations of your systems and for the commissioning.

Responsible for the after sales service including trainings and maintenance.

You must have your own local office with a secretary where your customers can
always contact someone all days a week. This assistant is also responsible for
the internal organization, communication (also website) and e. g. also market
research. This person care also about custumer satisfaction.