Franchise Kit

The ECOTHERM headquarters provides the so-called “franchise kit” for you.
This kit equips you with all necessary material to start your business.
You will receive the following “hard facts”:

  • ECOTHERM heat exchanger sample
  • ECOTHERM insulation sample
  • ECOTHERM Marketing Starter kit consisting of
    • ECOTHERM pens
    • Pop-up cards
    • USB Keys
    • Binders with all relevant folders inside
    • Brochures “High Capacity Water Heaters”
    • Brochures “Electric Water Heaters”
    • Brochures “Steam Solutions”
    • Brochures “Solar Thermal Solutions”
    • Brochures “Photovoltaic Solutions”
    • Brochures “ECOTHERM References”
    • Document Folders
  • Business cards for all your employees which work for ECOTHERM
  • Business paper with your address