Online Member Area

All franchisees get an access to the ECOTHERM online member area (= extranet) for the entire ECOTHERM team. Each user can log into this online member area via the page


The following information is available:

  • Brochures
  • Price lists
  • Download area for the following documents:
    • Videos (image video, fire test video etc.)
    • General:
      • Twinning Partner Programme
      • Company profile
      • Training modules (PPT presentations)
    • Power Point Presentations (PPTs; for clients)
    • Product Specifications (Word)
    • Inquiry Templates (Excel)
    • Certificates of ECOTHERM Austria GmbH (PDFs)
    • Corporate Communication Manual
    • Logo
    • Sample pictures
    • Press kit
    • Template PPT
    • Template Word
    • Partner email newsletter
    • Selected clippings (= publications in magazines and online platforms)
    • Selected approvals of projects
  • ECOSIZE: link to the online software
  • ECOPOINT balance - here you can see your current ECOPOINT balance and the history of all your orders and the ECOPOINTS you have been awarded for your orders.
  • Tools and documents according to the corporate processes defined in the ECOTHERM Franchisee Processes
  • Overview over status of already consumed annual services