The following requirements have to be fulfilled such that you can become an ECOTHERM franchisee:


  1. Read through all contents of this website or read the brochure "ECOTHERM Franchise System".
  2. You are interested enlarging your existing business by hot water, steam and/or solar systems (optimally all three areas).
  3. For you it is a big advantages to benefit from the brand power of ECOTHERM instead of starting to be active in this business by your own.
  4. You are ready to follow the guidelines from ECOTHERM in order to act as ECOTHERM franchisee in your territory of interest.
  5. You have existing contacts in the target groups of ECOTHERM (check target groups here >).
  6. Optimally you have already experience in selling high quality products and/or solutions - instead of just selling products, maybe using only the price as the one and only selling argument.
  7. You are willing to invest in order to earn money, and I can invest the initial franchisee fee as well as the monthly fee.
    More information about the franchisee fees >

  8. You either have an existing company or intend to found your own company in order to operate as ECOTHERM franchisee. Please note that you will just use the brand "ECOTHERM". You shall and can operate as e. g. "ECOTHERM XXX" in your territory, but legally you act as your own company, which can have any name, e. g. "YYY Heat Transfer Solutions Ltd." You are not allowed to found "ECOTHERM XXX" on your own in your country.
  9. Go to and check at the first five sub menu items if there is no existing franchisee in your territory of interest.